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CITRALIFE 香 茅 健 康 治 疗 性饮 料 的 传 奇


Ciftralife 的疗效与饮用者的见证

Citralife 香茅健康饮料帮助您恢复健康

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Citralife - A Cure for Cancer?

Citral from Lemongrass
Just one serving of Citralife matches new cancer studies from Ben Gurion University, Middle East. Citral is recommended by Doctors and Physicians in Middle East for cancer patients.

Doctors and researchers have discovered that 1 gm of lemongrass contains enough Citral to prompt cancer cells to commit suicide! That's the same amount of Citral from 1 teaspoon of
Citralife lemongrass tea. Citral has been shown to cause apoptosis (self destruct) in cancer cells.

Cancer patients in Israel are encouraged by their doctors to drink fresh lemongrass tea on the days they go in for radiation or chemotherapy treatments to help the healing process.

Citralife Lemongrass Herbal Tea
Citralife lemongrass herbal tea is named for its high Citral content since it has 280% more Citral compared to fresh lemongrass by weight.

Citralife has high Citral content (x3 times more) by processing the lemongrass using renewable energy.

Citral Discovery Against Cancer
Citral has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, however, the discovery of it's effectiveness against cancer is relatively new development.

In 2005, researchers at Ben Gurion University, Middle East discovered that Citral in lemongrass kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

The research team was led by Dr. Rivka ofir and Prof. Yakov Weinstein, incumbent of the Albert Katz Chair in Cell-Differentiation and Malignant Diseases, from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Ben Gurion University.

Citral is the key component that gives lemony aroma and taste in lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus). According to Dr. Ofir, the study found that Citral causes cancer cells to "commit suicide: using apoptosis, a mechanism called programmed cell death".

1 gm of lemongrass contains enough Citral to prompt the cancer cells to commit suicide. That's equivalent to just 1 teaspoon of
Citralife lemongrass tea. While the Citral killed the cancerous cells, the normal cells were left unharmed.

The success of their research led them to the conclusion that lemongrass containing Citral may be consumed as a preventive measure against certain cancerous cells.

Doctor and Physician Recommendation
When physicians in Middle East learned of the Ben Gurion University findings in press, many of them believed it would be advisable for their patients to harness the cancer-destroying properties of Citral. Patients received positive results by taking just 1 gm of lemongrass, equal to just 1 teaspoon Citralife lemongrass herbal tea.

Lemongrass Health Benefits

  • According to scientists, cancer prevention can be associated with Lemongrass.
  • Combats depression and bad moods.
  • Used to treat fever, colds, coughs and flu. In the case of fevers, lemongrass helps to lower the high body temperature.
  • Remedy for stomach aches, lemongrass relaxes the stomach and intestinal muscles.
  • Lemongrass can be taken for relief of painful and difficult menstruation.
  • Because of its anti-spasmodic properties, lemongrass is a gentle treatment to relieve colic in infants.
  • Relieve indigestion and gastroenteritis.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Ease arthritic pain and flatulence.

Testimonial (Cancer Patient)
I suffer from prostate cancer since 2000. I have undergone radiation therapy and hormone drugs to control my prostate cancer. I drink
Citralife tea because it can kill cancer cells in my body. My PSA (cancer level indicator) has dropped since I drank Citralife tea in June 2009.

Citralife lemongrass tea has also relieves my arthritis pain in my knees and numbness on my fingers.

FRIM Malaysia has published a book called Khazanah Alam (2008) regarding the health benefits of lemongrass.

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